According to this memorandum of understanding (MoU), ZF Company for the first time in its era has exclusively authorized another country to manufacture its products. As Charkheshgar managing director puts it, this has never taken place before that a company located outside Germany is awarded such authorization.






Dr. Hassan Vafadar spoke of the high technology used in the manufacturing of Ecolife, Ecomide and Ecosplite4 gearboxes intended to be used on city buses and trucks and their supply will certainly meet the demands of customers to begin with, it is estimated that 75000 of these gearbox types could be produced to satisfy the domestic market as well as being exported to overseas markets. Dr. Vafadar mentioned late June, 2016, as a beginning date of the manufacturing of these productions and he added that 6 phases were updated for manufacturing of these transmissions with inadequate investment that in the first phase 40% of productions will be localized.

Frank Burhkart, plenipotentiary representative of ZF Company, expressed this cooperation as an effective step toward promoting cooperations level and he added that Charkheshgar company’s new productions will be equivalent to the ZF’s in terms of the quality and this company has a favorable capacity. He pointed out that this company possesses all of the required standards for the manufacturing of these types of transmission and ZF doesn’t have any restriction in the enhancement of the cooperation level and technology transfer between two companies.

Jan Krajewski, Manager head of affiliates and investment controlling of ZF and Member of Charkheshgar’s Board of directors, also assessed this MoU as an essential step toward promoting of the cooperation level and he added that ZF signed this MoU after a lot of investigation and confirmation of the capabilities of Charkheshgar. He added that this MoU was finalized after 30 months investigation and will pave the way for the future cooperations.  He entitled Chakheshgar Company as an effective production unit in the region and said that after lifting of sanctions against Iran a lot of companies announced their readiness for cooperating this company and if we didn’t finalized this MoU, we lost our share in the Iranian markets.

ZF Company with over than 100 years experiences in the field of manufacturing of light and heavy gearboxes is one of  the prominent and leading companies in the world that has cooperated with Charkheshgar with over than 30 years and possesses 17% of this company’s share. 



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